Our Mission

WINGS (Women in Northfield Giving Support) educates and expands the number of women in philanthropy, builds and strengthens community through pooled investments, and improves the lives of women and youth in the Northfield area through focused giving.

Who We Are

grantsWINGS is a 100% volunteer-led grassroots network of women who pool together resources to improve the lives of women and youth in the Northfield area.

We welcome all women as members. Joining WINGS brings you into a community of local women who are making a difference. Founded in 2000, WINGS has grown to be one of the largest local grantors, giving over $1 million to local nonprofit organizations.

Why Join WINGS?

“Being a part of WINGS is meaningful to me on many levels. Pooling our resources to support women and kids in our community is a beautiful way to make more of a difference than any of us could make alone. Learning more about philanthropy and serving alongside incredible women has inspired me greatly and I’ve developed … Continue reading Katy Berglund

Katy Berglund