Why Join WINGS?

Connect with a group of women working together to build a stronger community by supporting the needs of local women and youth.

  • WINGS gives over $70,000 to local nonprofits each year, making WINGS one of the largest source of philanthropic funds in our community.
  • In 2000, WINGS began with 63 members and is now more than 250 strong.
  • WINGS events offer an opportunity to network with other members, learn more about philanthropy and gain an understanding of the needs in the community.

WINGS has over a decade of experience pooling donations to increase their impact through focused giving.

  • WINGS is an all-volunteer organization, giving over 90% of donations back to the community. A dedicated board of directors and active committees uphold its mission.
  • Pooling your donation with other women allows you to support many different area nonprofits which serve women and youth.
  • WINGS reviews grants applications and recommends allocations to nonprofits. As a voting member, you have an opportunity to approve these recommendations.
  • A WINGS endowment fund ensures area women and youth will be supported far into the future.