The 2023 WINGS grants cycle is now closed.

Since 2001, WINGS has contributed over $1 million to Northfield-area non-profits to support projects and programs than benefit local women and/or youth. WINGS accepts grant applications from January until March. Grants are awarded in June. 2024 grants cycle opens in January of 2024.

WINGS Grant Policy

WINGS supports endeavors that encourage women and youth of all cultures, nationalities, races, sexual orientation and abilities to reach their full potential. WINGS grants contribute to the health, safety, education, socialization, artistic growth and economic stability of the community. WINGS strives to increase access to opportunity through grants to both new and existing projects, taking into consideration financial need, impact and capacity building. WINGS encourages innovative initiatives.

WINGS gives grants to qualified non-profit organizations (organizations with 501(c)(3) status), public schools and government organizations for the purpose of general community support. Projects funded must benefit residents of the Northfield School District. Both the applicant organization and the project funded must comply with current legal requirements forbidding discrimination as to age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national origin. Grants will not be awarded for any of the following purposes: endowment campaigns, debt reduction, lobbying or sectarian purposes/programs. In addition, they typically will not be awarded for capital development/improvement projects.

“Dare to Dream” and “Dare to Dream Bigger” Grants

In 2014 WINGS launched a $10,000 Dare to Dream grant to be awarded to an area non-profit which WINGS felt had the most compelling dream to help women and children in the Northfield area reach their full potential. WINGS sought proposals that were innovative, impacted the community and built capacity. Applicants outlined ideas that could not be carried out without this financial award. This award did not take the place of annual grants, but rather created a new and exciting way to encourage applicants to take risks and dream big with either a new endeavor or an enhancement to a current initiative. A $10,000 grant was offered again in 2016.

In 2018, WINGS dreamed bigger, offering a $25,000 award to fund a project that was innovative, had the potential to impact a large number of women or youth in the Northfield area and would have a long term effect beyond the three years of the grant.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020, WINGS awarded a $20,000 grant and made a commitment to award a Dare to Dream grant every five years. The next Dare to Dream grant will be awarded in 2025.

Meet the Dare to Dream and Dare to Dream Bigger Grantees here.


In 2022 WINGS awarded $100,000 in grants. WINGS has now surpassed the million dollar mark in grants awarded since its inception with a grant total of $1,329,887.