Dare to Dream Grant

Awards are as follows:

2014 – Dare to Dream ($10,000) was awarded to Northfield Healthy Community Initiative on behalf of the Community School Advisory Council to support Greenvale School as it became a community school, a place where children and families are supported through after-school care, community activities and clubs and other programs that build community around the school.

2016 – Dare to Dream ($10,000) was awarded to Growing Up Healthy to collaborate with ECFE and Northfield Promise to create a Latino Childcare Providers Network.  The primary goal was to create a social support system to build capacity of Latino family, friends and neighborhood childcare providers to ensure  the care they provide to children in the Northfield area is high quality. Trainings, in Spanish, covered topics ranging from promoting early literacy to social-emotional wellbeing, to CPR and First Aid.

2018 – Dare to Dream BIGGER ($25,000) was awarded to Northfield Union of Youth (NUY) and will be used to expand the community’s safety net for the most vulnerable, isolated, and least supported youth in Northfield. Funding will allow NUY, Northfield Alternative Learning Center, and TORCH to collaboratively provide an integrated approach to address the staggering need for supportive services and academic assistance among these youth. Integrated outreach will be improved by funding a cross-program, community-based social worker at NUY.

2020 – Dare to Dream Bigger ($20,000) was awarded to Northfield Healthy Community Initiative for an expansion of the Northfield Community College Collaborative (NCCC). The NCCC seeks to expand to serve more than 75 local individuals annually, including more than 55 women, allowing students to continue their postsecondary journeys, earning Minnesota State College & University credit and ultimately an associate degree without having to leave Northfield.

WINGS funding will make it possible to convert space in the Northfield Community Resource Center to real college classrooms and study spaces, ones that help show students that their work and postsecondary pursuits are valued by the community. WINGS funds will be used for the conversion of the NCRC space currently used for meetings and by Adult Basic Education into college classrooms and study spaces. This includes the purchase of multi-purpose classroom tables, chairs, study stations, projectors, white boards, etc. Moreover, for every $1.00 of funding provided by WINGS, a national funder has agreed to provide a $1.50 match, thereby further leveraging the local initiatives.