Apply for a WINGS Grant

2024 Grant Application Opens January 2024

The 2024 grant application process is open from January through March 1, 2024. General information about our grants process is listed below.

WINGS grants are given in support of projects benefiting women and youth in the Northfield area. WINGS gives grants to qualified non-profit organizations, public schools and government organizations for the purpose of general community support. Projects funded must benefit residents of the Northfield School District. WINGS is in its 24th year and to date has awarded over one million dollars in grants. WINGS plans to award the next Dare to Dream grant in 2025.

General Information about WINGS Grants

Approximately 20 annual grants of varying amounts are given each year. Grants must be spent during the year received. WINGS seeks projects with an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Housing Stability: Provide shelter and/or housing services to women and youth who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness.
  • Food Stability: Increase access to healthy food for women and youth.
  • Economic Stability: Increase economic stability for women and youth.
  • Safe Environments: Support safe environments for women and youth.
  • Elderly: Support safe environments and increase housing, food, and economic stability for the elderly.
  • Early Learning: Support early learning efforts in preschool and elementary school for children facing economic barriers or from under-represented populations.
  • Out-of-School Programs: Support access for youth with economic barriers or from under-represented populations to quality out-of-school programs to enhance academics, athletics or artistic endeavors.
  • Special Needs/At-Risk Youth & Adults: Support the learning of vocational and life skills for special needs and/or at-risk youth and adults.
  • Adult Learning: Support educational and developmental efforts of women facing economic barriers or from under-represented populations.
  • Healthcare: Enable access to healthcare for women and youth who face economic barriers, a lack of insurance, or come from under-represented populations.
  • Healthy Behaviors: Help engage youth and women in healthy, preventive behaviors.

Funding Priorities

WINGS prefers to fund programs/projects that:

  • address financial need and increase access to opportunity
  • offer a proactive, innovative approach to solving a community problem
  • address systemic change
  • build capacity by leveraging resources through partnerships with other funders
  • enhance an organization’s abilities to carry out its mission
  • result in tangible outcomes
  • significantly impact the organization or the program

WINGS is a founding member of the “Northfield Promise: Every child. Cradle to career.” collective impact initiative. As such, WINGS seeks to align its funding to help more Northfield children and youth reach the 10 Northfield Promise benchmarks.

WINGS strives to work alongside the city of Northfield in order to make the greatest impact in addressing local needs.  Therefore, we seek to align grants with the city’s strategic plan. Please see the city web site for more information:

Grant Application Instructions/Forms

The WINGS Grant Application consists of two parts:

  1. Online Data Form: If you are applying for multiple grants you need to submit a new Online Data Form with each application. Click here to complete form.
  2. Grant Application Form: Complete the application and save as a PDF and email to Enter both the name of your organization and the project title in the subject line of the email.

    In a separate attachment, provide a copy of your organization’s financial statement or an annual report. Verification that your grant application was received will be emailed to you by March 1, 2023. Granting decisions will be complete and notices sent by the first week of May.

    Download form here.

  3. Grants Rubric: The Grants Committee uses a rubric to assess grants applications. This rubric may be helpful in completing your application. Download the grants rubric here.


Contact Grants Chair, Emily Blumhoefer at