2019 WINGS Board (front row L to R) Nancy Moe, Jacqui Dorsey, Gay Eggers.
(back row L to R) Thyme Thornton, Pasty Ophaug, Maelynn Rosas, Bonnie Jean Flom, Margit Johnson, Sarah Swan McDonald, Kathy Olson, Grace McDonald. (Not pictured: Katy Berglund, Mary Lynn Oglesbee, Rebecca Otten, Leah Rich, Vicki Stevens)

Board of Directors

President: Margit Johnson
Vice President: Leah Rich
Treasurer: Mary Lynn Oglesbee
Secretary: Vicki Stevens
Grants: Sarah Swan McDonald
Membership: Patsy Ophaug
Outreach: Nancy Moe
Communications: Gay Eggers
At Large: Bonnie Jean Flom
At Large: Maelynn Rosas
At Large: Katy Berglund
At Large: Jacqui Dorsey
At Large: Rebecca Otten
Student Board Member: Grace McDonald
Student Board Member: Thyme Thornton
Ex-Officio: Kathy Olson

Nominating Chair: Kathy Olson
Nominating Committee: Beth Berry, Maleah Follen, Rachel Matney